Change is inevitable, and it’s time for Will Gage and I to move on to our next adventure. My last day at OETA is January 27. Starting February 6, I’ll be working for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta as marketing and social media manager.

And yes, that’s Atlanta as in the ATL, Hotlanta, The A. Georgia. Where peaches (and pecans and peanuts) are as abundant as Yuengling and sweet tea. The South. Home.

The Atlanta area has a special place in my heart. It’s where I worked so many Southeastern Conference events through the years from football to basketball. It’s where Christina Hilliard and I came back out of retirement to work on the best media coordination committee ever for an SEC Women’s Basketball Tournament. Right, Tammy Wilson?!

We’re excited to be closer to our families. I’m even more excited for David Reed to give me the donut tour of the area. And I’m sure Brian Rice will be up for a visit to The Varsity anytime.


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