Going to the Dogs

I’m often asked who are my favorite social media accounts to follow. There’s a lot to be learned from watching others and how they use social media to market their personal brand. My eye-opening answer to the question? Dogs. And a lot of them.

It’s crazy to think that an animal that can’t even type has more social media followers than some celebrities, but that’s the case for Butler Blue III, Manny the Frenchie, Doug the Pug and Sir Charles Barkley (oh, there’s more… plenty more). When I’d meet with professional and collegiate athletes to discuss personal branding, I’d often point a dog’s social media accounts as go-to examples of how it’s done. Sure, there’s a human (or hooman if you’re the dog talking) behind that account, but the time and effort put into making these four-legged friends famous is certainly impressive and it pays off.

They’ve inked endorsement deals, have sponsorships and have even scored free travel and products. What’s so great about these animals is they use their celebrity for good. Manny the Frenchie often travels the country to help raise funds for local animal groups. If you’ve ever seen The Dogist’s books or social media accounts, they’re sure to bring a smile to your face. So, what is it that makes them such great examples? Authenticity.

Social media may have gone to the dogs, but in this case, we’re more than happy to keep feeding the frenzy. And if you’re interested into a look into my life from a different perspective, check out our dogs Dirk and Nash on Twitter and Instagram.

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