Dorothy Gale was just an ordinary farm girl from the Kansas plains until Mother Nature swept her up in a twister and made her one of the most iconic characters all-time in American film. There’s a lot to be learned from Dorothy’s experience over the rainbow but none more important than the power of a journey.

When Dorothy landed in Munchkinland all she wanted to do was get home. Like me, Dorothy was fortunate¬†enough to meet some people along the way that helped her, molded her and even some who showed her who she didn’t want to be. Her transformation from a meek young lady to the leader of the pack often goes unnoticed throughout the film’s narrative.

Sometimes we don’t choose to be the leader. Other times, we’re the first to raise our hands. And sometimes, much like Dorothy from the time the ruby red slippers were put on her feet, we’ve always had the power to go home, we just never realized it. Regardless of how we got there, it’s the journey that often defines our legacy.